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Selling 4 Gazette T-Shirts and 1 L'arc en Ciel Shirt

Hey everyone, Im back with some more Gazette goods for sale! There are 4
t-shirts in total, all from different eras of the band. I will get some photos
later as soon as I find my USB transfer device ^_^ All shirts are in pristine
condition and have barely been worn. Most of these, on eBay, go for well over
$100. Willing to haggle on prices, just message me ^_^
Thats the Black Moral link. For now I can atleast tell you what year and what
item number they are :)

The first one is from 2005's Peace Smile Carnival, item PSGA-0101. It is a size
Price: $60

Second one is from 2004. Not sure what the Japanese says ^_^ but its item
PSGA-0044. Size Small (its a bit big for a size small, so it may be a medium)
Price: $75

Third one is from 2006, from the Nameless Liberty Six Guns tour during April. It
is item PSGA-0118. Size small.
Price: $75

The last one is from 2007, I believe, but the photo is not on the website
because it is a Hersey exclusive! It is a size small, and on it has the
words "God Save The Heresy". It has the red "Six Guns" Label on the bottom.
Price: $75

The L'arc shirt is from their 2000 Realive Club Circuit tour. I believe it is a size medium
Price: $40

Like I said willing to haggle ^_^
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Tags: music: jrock
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