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Selling anime goods

Up for sale are a few anime items! Shipping is different for each item. I accept Paypal, concealed cash, and personal check.

Gundam Wing Wallscroll
It's a little over 3ft in length. I got this quite a while ago, but haven't had wall space for it in years. So it's been rolled away in my closet, un-used. I figured it was time to let it go.
Price: $12
Quality: Excellent. It's not dirty in any way.
Shipping: To be determined. I'll have to scope out what kind of tube I'll need to buy for it first, so if anyone wants it, I'll find that out.

X [The Series] Special Collector's Box W/ Three DVDS
Another item that has been sitting on my shelf collecting dust. The box is relatively untouched, as with the special dvd slipcases. The box came with Volume One and I bought Two and Three on their own when they were released. The dvds have been watched 2 or 3 times at most. I really like the anime series- I just can't keep this.
Condition: Like-new
Retail: $94 (est)
Selling price: Accepting offers. I really don't know what people are willing to pay for this, but talk to me and we can work something out.
Shipping: $6 (It's a little weighty.)

Dragonball Z babydoll-style tee with Goku and Trunks
To tell you the truth, I believe I wore this once. It's a little too small for me. The size says Large, but it's more like an Adult Small. It feels really soft and comfortable.
Condition: Like-new
Price: $5
Shipping: $4

Pictures of the sides: One || Two || Three

And that's it! Comment here or email me for offers or questions (tyr_stains(at)tokyo(dot)com).
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