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I have a lot of really ancient stuff that I would like to get rid of, and I am wondering if you guys would buy it and get it out of my house. Here is a list of some of the kinds of things that I am looking to get rid of. If you would be interested in these items, please comment, and that will encourage me to email you or get up off my butt and actually scan some of these things, or put them up on eBay, so you can make me an offer/bid on them.

* a couple of dub anime tapes that have never been opened that were freebies

* some sort of Macintosh Japanese culture/art program that has never been opened because I only have PCs.

* a lot of Japanese Sailor Moon cards from Japan, 1992-1996—Bandai and Cardass and Hero Collection, far too many to scan individually

* some other shoujo anime swag, shitajiki, freebies from anime/manga magazines, etc

* a PG Jenny doll I just never have warmed up to, out of box

* loads (I mean a couple years’ worth) of old Kera/Kerouac (similar to Fruits, has interviews with visual kei musicians if you can read 'em, if you can't the pics are still cute), Happie Mook (ko-gal style) and Cawaii (ko-gal style also) magazines

* a Sophia poster

* a few CD singles, all played but in good condition (though the packaging may have faded)

* a couple of old issues of UNTRANSLATED June/Shousetsu June magazines (like 1990s old)—though I am keeping all the ones that have any Ozaki Yutaka pix in them

* some UNTRANSLATED tankoubons/bunkobons, mostly Nakayoshi and Hanatoyume stories

* some translated manga volumes

* some translated manga comics

* some opened, played with and in some cases slightly faded Sailor Moon light up battery operated wands

* some really cheap Sailor Moon/Card captor Sakura etc toys that came in candy packages—I mean really cheap, like a set of Card Captor mini rubber stamp dolls. I do not still have the packaging. Sorry!

* a couple of doujinshi that don’t interest me much any more, or that I acquired as freebies

* old AX magazines (I don’t even know what’s in some of them, I used to date with one of their interns)

* a giant mounted on foam board Kurenai no Buta (Porco Rosso) poster that my ex-husband left here

* mini notebooks with obscure manga art/characters on them that were freebies in Hanatoyume or Nakayoshi or Ribon

Would people buy this stuff? Also, if I'm not sure how much something is worth, should I just put it on eBay for 99 cents plus shipping and see what happens?
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