Vain selfish sexual fantasies (gothstar) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Vain selfish sexual fantasies

Things for sale~ yay~!

Evil's Return volume 1 (Hwan Shin/Jong-Kyu Lee) ~ $4.50
Image hosted by

Card Captor Sakura (CLAMP) volume 1, left to right format ~ $5.50
Image hosted by

Wish (CLAMP) volume 1 "Collectors Edition" (with dust sleeve jackety thingiee!) ~ $6.50
Image hosted by

Mobile Suit GUNDAM 3 / Amuro Yo... Soundtrack (2 CD set) ~ $17
Image hosted by

Saber Marionette J VHS volumes 1&2 (ep 1-7) clamshell ~ $13 (or $7.50 each)
Image hosted by

Macross Saga Collection 1, Legacy 1 (3 dvd boxed set) ~ SOLD
Image hosted by

Gothic Lolita-esque long sleeved shirt (Juniors Size M, runs kind of small though) ~ $16
Image hosted by

Strappy Pants (Juniors Size M) ~ $12
Image hosted by

S&H INCLUDED on all prices. If you buy 3 or more items I my be able to knock off a couple of bucks <3

Prices may be negotiable, send me a message and we'll see ^___^

Paypal is preferred method of payment (I have AX coming up and need the cash ;o; )
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