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Selling Figures, Keychains, Wallscrolls, & DVDs

Once again, before this stuff goes on eBay, I thought I'd post it here first. I am moving away in one month and I have to get rid of a lot of stuff *sniffle* and need money for the move. If you have any questions about any of the items, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email:
himurakenshinshinta [at] yahoo [dot] com
Prices are negotiable. DVDs and manga to be sold as complete sets only please.

$70~ Steel Angel Kurumi complete 4 set plus Encore DVD US release
$8~ Spirited Away DVD US release
$18~ Galaxy Angel DVD volumes 1 & 2 US release
$70~ Ai Yori Aoshi complete box set
$7~ Gundam Wing Endless Waltz movie US release
$7~ Tenchi the Movie Tenchi Muyo in Love US release
$8~ Video Girl Ai US release (COMPLETE)
$5~ Neon Genesis Evangelion The End of Evangelion US release
$50~ Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar COMPLETE 8 DVDs import Japanese language only with English subtitles

$60~ Fruits Basket volumes 1-8 English brand new never read!
$60~ Peach Girl manga English first pring volumes 1-8 brand new never read!
$40~ Kenshin Japanese manga volumes 18, 20-25, 28
$30~ Eerie Queerie (Ghost) English manga volumes 1-4 (COMPLETE!)
$5~ Fushigi Yuugi English volume 1

Gaara = $5 SOLD

Naruto = $5

Itachi = $5 SOLD

Sasuke = $5

Kakashi = $5 SOLD

Lee = $5

Haku = $6

Kakahi = $6

Naruto = $6

Jiraiya = $6

Itachi = $6

Sasuke = $6

Sojiro = $6

Kaoru = $6

Yahiko = $6

Winry = $5

Izumi = $5

Tsukasa = $3

DiGi Charat = $10

Fishigi Yuugi = $10

Kenshin = $10

Topless Kenshin = $10

Fruits Basket (no hook or string to hang with...can add your own) = $8

Shipping within the US only please, unless you don't mind waiting a long time for slow mail, or paying a lot for air mail. PayPal is the best way to send payment. Money orders and checks are ok. Please allow checks to clear before item is sent. Shipping includes the cost for secure packaging.
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