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WTS: J-Rock CDs/DVDs, Clothing, GazetteMerchandise, Magazines

Hey :D

Actually I want to sell some of my stuff, because I have no space and some of it has to go now.

All items will be shipped from Germany..
I accept Paypal and bank-transfer (If you are from Germany o.o').

Prices are WITHOUT shipping costs.

J-Rock/Visual Kei Magazines

- Shoxx bis No.5
~Ryuutaro x Tatsurô, MASK, bis, AnCafé, Doremidan, usw..~


- Shoxx Vol 163 Sept.'o6
~Sendai Kamotsu (mit Ausklappbarem Teil o.o'), Plastic Tree, the Gazette, Miyavi, Mucc, Sid, Alice Nine OHNE Poster

- Shoxx Vol. 158 April 'o6
~Nightmare, Gazette, Miyavi, Kagerou, Alice Nine, AnCafé

- Shoxx Vol.169 März 'o7
~ Kagrra, Nightmare, Plastic Tree, the Gazette, LM.C, AnCafé, Mucc, Kra, D, Vidoll!

-Shoxx Vol.165 Nov. 'o6
~ LM.C, Plastic Tree, Kagrra, , Kra, D, AnCafé, Alice Nine, Mucc, Sid, Miyavi!

Price per Magazine: 7€

J-Rock CDs & DVDs(Nightmare, Penicillin, Shulla, Miyavi, BALZAC, Kagerou)

Nightmare - the World Ruler im Photobook! - 20€

Nightmare - Raison d'être Single incl. DVD - 9€ (On the single CDs there are Niya and Ruka. ö.ö)

Penicillin - Lime Light (Album) - 18€

Penicillin - rar !!-
~ 99 ban me no yoru - Single (MiniDisc!!)
~ CRASH - Single (MiniDisc!!)

both 10€, one 6€.

Shulla - [Twelve] Album 15€

Miyavi - Gigpig Boogie - Single incl. DVD 9€

Kagerou - Kusatta Umi de... Single Collection (A,B,C!) 10€

Kagerou - Last Live DVD (Regular Edition - Watched once) 25€

BALZAC - Deep Blue (16 Tracks) 20€

Gazette Merchandise and Clothing
Hoodie. White with green sculls.
Size S

Price: 10€

Shirt. Size M. Never worn (because it's too big.. u_u).
Price 10€ 

Skirt - red/black
Never worn. Size S/small M.
Price 20€

BlackMoral Gazette BaseCAP - Under Ground Heavy Rock JunkieZ
Price 28€

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