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Please keep this in mind, as prices are just suggestions and I'm willing to negotiate down, especially if you're buying multiple things! If there is no price, that means you can make me an offer! However, I do not take trades.

Prince of Tennis 1-11: $4 each or $40 for the set
Beck 1-2: $4 each, $7 for both
Saiyuki 1: $4
Nana 1-2: $4 each, $7 for both
InuYasha 9: $4
Death Note 1-3: $4 each, $9 for all three
GetBackers 4: $4
Negima 1: $4
Sweat & Honey: $4
Crimson Hero 1: $4
Najica: Blitz Tactics 1: $#4
xxxHolic 1: $4
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles 1: $4 (together with xxxHolic- $7)
Yoki Koto Kiku: $4
Rozen Maiden 1: $4
Naruto 1, 4, 5, 7, 8: $4 each, $10 for all of them
Saikano 1-3: $4 each, $9 for all three
Angel Diary 2: $4
Strawberry Panic1: $4

Gravitation 1-12: $4 each, $60 for the set.
Alone in my King's Harem: $4
Antique Bakery: $4
FAKE 1-4: $4 each, $13 for the set
Author's Pet: $1

Prince of Tennis Illustrations 30.5 Very good contidion, barely looked at. $20
Hana-Kimi Character Profiles Very good condition, barely looked at. $20

Bakuretsu Tenshi box set + all volumes, $50 (NOT THINPAK)
Law of Ueki v1, $5 (still wrapped)
Fighting Spirit v1, $5 (still wrapped)
Dokkoida Limited Edition box with v1, $10
Getbackers v3 & 4, $5 each, $7 for both
Saiyuki Double Barrel v4 & 5, $6 each, $10 for both
Kizuna v1, $5
Pokemon: The First Movie VHS- $2
Pokemon VHS tapes: ep 1-3, 4-6, 13-15, 22-24, 46-48. $4 for the set or $.75 each.
Cardcaptors VHS, v2 "Power Match" $1

- Shipping is free for media mail in the US for any order under 7 manga, priority starts from $4.05 and I will pay for half of any priority shipping. Shipping will usually take place on the first Friday after payment. I am located in Massachusetts, USA.
- Paypal is preferred, money orders are also accepted, and I will even take a personal check- however, it must clear before shipping. Paypal must be from balance or instant transfer only, you pay the fees if it's a debit/credit card/buyer credit payment.
- Comment on this post, AIM me at dinosaur victrola, or email me at count.d[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested in any of these.
- All of this merchandise is used. Some, but not all merchandise is GIFT QUALITY. If you would like to purchase something of mine as a gift for someone else, please let me know so that I can be absolutely certain that there are no bent pages, worn edges, etc.
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