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kamikaze sailor

Help a Momma Out!

Hello everyone! I'm here with 300+ volumes of manga for sale at what I consider RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP. My sob story: newly single mom who needs rent and diapers! So I decided to sell the entirety of my manga collection at about $5 a pop with shipping, as well as anime, memorabilia, and how-to-draw books. The link goes to my journal and my main post, since I figured that would be the easiest way to keep track of sales and holds. This is assuming shipping is between $2-3, but if it's more I may have to up the price later.

Highlights Include: HanaKimi (complete manga series), Snow Drop (complete manga series), Kare First Love (complete manga series), Escaflowne (complete anime series), CLAMP titles, Shonen-Ai & Yaoi, Tamagotchis, and How To Draw Anime For Beginners.

For bulk orders or if you want to purchase an entire series, contact me through e-mail, heartpirate@gmail.com, and we can maybe haggle a bit.

obviously not everything I have...

Full Listing Here!

mods: there are a few things on my main listing that aren't japan-related, but I'm hoping since the BULK of what I'm selling is Japan-related, this will be ok.
Tags: anime, collectibles, manga: english
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