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Shoxx (1/1999 #71) *Has slight tear on spine* **on hold**
-La’cryma Christi 26 color pages + poster
-hide with spread beaver 16
-Rouage 12
-Dir en grey
-Janne Da Arc
-Guniw Tools

Vicious (2/1999) **on hold**
-Siam Shade
-Sex Machine Guns
-Plastic Tree
-Dir en grey

Vicious (3/1999)
-Fanatic Crisis **on hold**
-Plastic Tree
-Dir en grey

Shoxx (10/1999 #80)
-J (Luna Sea) 30 color pages + poster
-Gackt 12
-Plastic Tree

Fool’s Mate (12/2004)
-ムックxメリー 8 pages
-Miyavi 8
-Gazette 7
-Kiyoharu 4
-Janne Da Arc
-Psycho le cemu
-Despairs Ray

Zappy (12/2004) **on hold for now**
-Janne Da Arc
-Morning Musume
-Dir en grey
-Otsuka Ai

Shoxx - Dec. 2000
Cover: Raphael (30 page edition)
J (Luna Sea), Zipang, Janne Da Arc, Sex Machineguns, Lareine

Fool's Mate - Oct. 1998
Cover: Izam (Shazna)
Luna Sea, Kuro Yume, Malice Mizer, Sophia
Merveilles, Final Tour report

Version 2.0 - Feb. 1999
Cover: Dir en grey / Baiser (back side)
Lareine, Plastic Tree, Cloud, Beat Kids, Maschera, Close

Gackt - Moon (2) - $10 USD each

OK, I bought WAY too much in Japan and have no way to bring it all home. Theses are some old JRock Magazines that I have collected and two copies of Moon by Gackt. Please take a look. Many of the magazines are fairly old and hard to find now. Magazines are $10 USD each plus shipping (varies depending on where you live). I would like to keep that price, however, since I leave in under a month I will also take offers. Nothing too low though, I still need cash to get home:) Although some of the magazines are on hold, they are not finalized yet. Therefore, if you are interested, let me know anyway! The Gackt cds are fixed price though.
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