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My jumble of things Sale :D

Hello I have somethings I'd like to sell such as manga yaoi and non yaoi (English, and one Japanese); Doujinshi: Harry Potter and Death Note; a B's Log magazine, a plush from Ojamajo Doremi; and a fan from Fruits Basket. Please click my cut for more



Death Note vol.3 (English language manga) $4 shipped in the US
Loveless vol.5 (Japanese language manga) $4 shipped in the US
Fushigi Yuugi vol.2 Oracle (English language manga) $4 shipped in the US

Great Place High School (Rated M) hard yaoi $5 shipped in the US
Sweet Revolution (rated M) hard yaoi $5 shipped in the US
Clan of the Nakagamis (rated YA) soft and funny yaoi $5 shipped in the US
Affair (rated M) hard yaoi $5 shipped in the US (sold)
White Guardian (rated M) hard yaoi $4 shipped in the US


1. Title: Brothel Creepers
 Series: Harry Potter
Circle Mirage House
Number of page: 26
Soft yaoi (mostly kissing)
Price:$5 shpped (been trying to sell this for a while)
2. Title: Hikari no Ori
Series: Death Note
Number of pages:16
Soft Yaoi
Price: $8 shipped
Series:Death Note
Pairing: LightxL
Circle: Jerk Trick
Number of pages:28
Gag (has a yaoi scene in it)
Price:$8 shipped
4. Title: Honesty
Series: Death Note
Pairing: LightxL, MatsudaxL
Number of pages:35
Hard Yaoi
Price$8 shipped

Anime Goods:

B's Log Magazine Jan 2005 +CD sample (bought it for the Absolute Obediance pics, but now I have a photo book of them) $8 shipped
Dorime Plush $4shipped
Fruits Basket Fan: $2 shipped

Terms and Conditions:
-Prices include shipping in the US if you live in another country please ask about shipping
-I accept all forms of payment (ie: paypal, or well concealed money order, check, cash)
-I do accept trades please go below for my wishlist
-If you want insurance included in your shipping please ask
-My items come from a smoke-free home, but I do have 3  cats and 2 dogs
-I only hold items for up to one week
-I have feedback listed HERE and ebay feedback HERE
-MY PRICES ARE NOT FINAL: feel free to make an offer
-For further info, you can either contact me by commenting or email me at:

Wishlist: (For trades only I am not currently looking to buy)
Gravitation Doujinshi
Gravitation items EXCEPT manga and anime and OVA (I have all of those already)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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