Somewhere Over the Rainbow (kyo_yami) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Some Random Goodies~~~~

Hi! Just moved out of my flat and about to move into another for my second year of university and my first rent cheque is due soon ^^ I was sorting through and found these things :)


+Model 1+2
+Yu-gi-oh 1+3
+Threads of time 1
+Rouroni Kenshin 1+2
+Gravitation 1+2


+Gackt 'Moon' Album [with plastic slip and cd case being an actual mini photobook]
+Psycho le Cemu 'Frontiers' album [Special box set of album and mini Daishi figure! with card slip box]
+Dir en Grey 'Six Ugly' album
+Dir en Grey 'Vulgur' album
+Gisho 'Love Song' single [In black slipcase]
+Penicillin 'Fly' Limited edition single [in A4 size display case with pictures]


+Cutie 7 July 2003 Full of kera and fruits goodness! [front is slightly ripped by top staple, but otherwise good condition]
+Newtype USA [Volume 02 Number 12, DEC 2003]


+Dreamcast Japanese Konami DDR mat and game [mix 2] in official box [rare!]
+Wonderswan console [blue] with Final Fantasy 1 game
+Pokemon The first movie VHS
+Nyan Nyan Nyanko mini bag [kawaii!!]
+Fruits postcard set [in cool neon plastic and yellow box, over 40 postcards]
+Ajuma Pama Black short wig for Unoa/Sharmin [New!]


I am taking offers for all of these and will discuss postage further if you are interested ^^ Please note i accept paypal only for international shipping, but if you live within the UK, i can accept postal orders, cheques or paypal ^^

Also, please note that Postage for the DDR mat and game will be quite high as it is VERY heavy ^^
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