Miaka, The Bunny Monst☆r (sobloodycute) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Miaka, The Bunny Monst☆r

For sale (updated)

Manga for sale:
-Peach Girl: Change of Heart 1&2 (English) $10 for both, or $6 each
-Les Bijoux vol 1-4 (English) $25 for all 4, or $6 each
-Banana Fish vol.1 (Japanese) $4
-Fushigi Yuugi vols 11 & 16 (Japanese) $4 each
-Bastard!! vol. 12 (Japanese) $4
-CardCaptor Sakura vol. 6 (English) $5
-Noidantei yumemizuki yoshirou shiken note (Japanese shoujo one-shot) $1
-Pocket Nakayoshi 9/2004 (includes the stories "Sweet Lip" by Takagami Yuriko, "Scramble Egg" by Minazuki Shin, and "Junk" by Yumimi) $2

-Final Fantasy 7 "Advent Girls" hentai doujinshi. Like new condition, mainly Tifa and Yuffie. More pictures available upon request. $15
-Nakayoshi KC comic guide (basically a book listing all the mangaka who've done work for Nakayoshi and all the titles they've published, useful for researching!) $1
-Mickey's Gulliver's Travels (Japanese Mickey Mouse storybook based on the Gulliver's Travels fairy tale, all in Japanese, excellent for students or those learning the language) $3
-Saboten's Secret furouku red shopping bag (still new in plastic) $1

Photos available upon request for everything!

Shipping depends on where you live and what you buy. I take cash, money order, or paypal. My eBay user ID is kawaii*miaka*chan if you want to see my feedback (which is well over 200).
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