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J-rock for sale, yo ~

Malice Mizer - Merveilles 1st press - £18 // $33 // €27 or best offer
Disk - VG condition, Outer book - worn on the edges, Pages inside - mint

Dir en grey - Kasumi single - £3 // $6 // €5 or best offer
Excellent condition

Kozi - Khaos/Kinema single - £20 // $37 // €30 or best offer

Alice Nine - Gion shousha no kane ga naru [regular press] - £16 // $29 // €24 or best offer
[Its the album that has 'Gradation', 'Hanabi' etc~]
Mint condition

I did have pics uploaded, but I cant find them anywhere on my photobucket account -_-/~

I also have some other things for like sale, like two Malice Mizer videos [Kyomu and Sakai], A Gackt single [Kimi ga oikaketa yume], and a pair of new rock boots [knee high, sz 8(uk)/42(eur)/9-10(us), but I'm in the middle of moving house so I dont have all those items with me, but if you're interested in them, we can discuss prices and I can hold the item for you. They will be available next week~

cash in the post only please in £/$/€
uk postage - £1.50 [for one cd
elsewhere - £2.50 [for one cd]
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