Allyson (starscatter) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Looking for some stuff...

Hi everyone. ^^ I have been visiting this community for a few months now, but finally decided to join today.

Anyways, does anyone happen to have these Full Moon wo Sagashite zen-in items from Ribon they are willing to sell at a fair price? I am looking for:

- Takuto (Cat) plush/plushie
- Takuto (Cat) plush keychain
- Meroko (Bunny) plush keychain
Preferably ones still mint in their original bags, but if they're opened that's okay too (as long as they are in mint/great condition). And, if possible, a picture of the item would be nice too! :)

Please send me an e-mail at starscatter[AT] if anyone is willing to sell. :/ Also, please include how much you want for the item and possible shipping price (I live in the USA). Thanks!

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