☆||Toshiya||☆ (_________syoufu) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hii^_^; I'm new to this all.

so here are the things i have to offer :DD..

its not the best u.u;

-[Added : Dir en grey Die ESP guitar pick And Daishi and SEEK Postcards .Click link for details/images :D Also Angel Sanctuary Vol 1. Manga available (no pictures avail x.x;)]-

All shipping costs is 3.50 to all the states in the U.S
Canada : 6.00 (depends what you buy really :o..)
Any other foreign country : 6.00
And i only accept money orders! ^_^;;
Unless you can conceal cash really reallywell..

First off I have a Revolutionary Girl Manga in good condition :D I only read it once..and decided i didnt want it :DD!!

(Sorry for crappy quality..but i only have a webcam..and i still wanted to post up pictures :3)
I got it for 20.00 dollars. But i'll be selling it for 5.00

Second is this Duo x Quatre Shounen Ai i think its..a...doujinshi..<~~ (Sp ?i'm not really familiar with anime things..) ^_^ Its never really been read.. I only glanced at it. Its all in japanese.Its called Cyclone and its the second part to it


These are Fushigi Yugi Eikoden cards. They came with the dvd. But i got these from a friend that didn't want them. So i decided i'd sell them. the cards are in good condition. I'll show the front and backs to each one :3.

It comes with the Eikoden frontal card and the case. Since its just the cards i'll sell it for 4.00

L'Arc~en~Ciel Guitar picks. Never been opened! New.


Sailor Moon Poster
I have never seen this poster on any other site..its in real good condition and is semi big.


Two VHS Fushigi Yugi Tapes. Episodes 39-42
Case is a bit dented.But the tape is in good quality. Price is lowered due to case denting

Both tapes for : 10.00
One for 5.00

Semi Large Coffin purse

I have to be totally honest. I've used this ..maybe ONCE...and it has a little white scratch on the site
other than that its real nice :D and not all messed up. It is missing the inside pouch. Mother decided to run off with it

anyway heres the picture of the white mark :


Sailor moon Comic and Dragon Ball comic : 1.00 each :D

Thats all :3.

Oh. I have some platform demonia boots..size 8..that i cant wear anymore.they dont fit T_T;uhm... i
did wear them so they have little marks..other than that they are nice :3.. They are normally like 70+ dollars..but i just want about 30.00 for them ^_^; If you think this price is too much.Tell me.and i'll lower it :3.

And i'm still debating on if i wanna sell my Withering To Death Album :x


Psycho Le Cemu 2 post card Set of : Daishi and Seek.

2.00For both. Excellent condition :D

Dir en grey Die ESP guitar Pick

Its kinda oldish. So :o..yes. I'm charging 3.00 for it..simply because i haven't seen it anywhere else at all.. :o its one of his older versions i believe

Angel Sanctuary Vol.1 manga
I;ve had it on my shelf for ages...x.x;but i never liked it.. The insdie pages are nice but the outside cover is kinda bent. i'm trying to fix it..but because of the bad damage to the cover
its only 3.00
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