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stuff for sale

I'm trying to save up for my doll hobby, so I'm selling off stuff I don't need. I'm going to sell until next Friday so I can ship everything at one time. I'll accept Paypal, money order, or well-concealed cash. Everything is in mint condition unless otherwise stated. Thanks for looking. ♥

Japanese Manga - $4
B-Men Kazoku 1-2 (complete, $5 for both)
Diamond Century ($5 for this one, shounenai-ish)
Fruits Basket 2
Ichigo to Chocolate 1-2 (complete, $5 for both)
Kerokero Chime 1-5 ($15 for all)
Koucha Ouji 1
Prince of Tennis 1-4 ($12 for all)

English Manga - $5 or $15 for set
Peach Girl: Change of Heart 1-4
Samurai Deeper Kyo 1-4

US DVD - $10
Samurai Deeper Kyo 1

Stationery lots, mostly Sanrio. Pictures at request. $2.00 for 30 sheets.
Yuzuki bottle mascot w/ orginal box. $2.
W-Juliet stickerbook. another pic. $2
Hana Kimi, Fruits Basket, and Hitsuji no Namida CD Holder bags (double-sided). another pic. $2.
Final Fantasy X playing cards. Picture at request. $4
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