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30 June 2005 @ 07:10 pm
NekoShop LIVE @ Yahoo! Auctions  
Hihi minna-sama!! (^-^)

I've moved my shop to Yahoo! Auctions to make it easier for you to buy from me. (^~) You can bid or buy now, and the prices are pretty damn cheap XD. I have MANY new items, including:

1. Books
2. Manga
3. VHS
4. Anime, game, and Jpop CDs
5. Backpacks and accessories

Keep in mind I may update and add more items, I will be sure to post here if I do. (^^) I think I will also turn NekoShop into that, but for now check out the auctions... onegaishimasu?? (^0^) Well, here is da link...

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Current Music: D'espairsRay - Murder Freaks