J. Lynn (elusivecharades) wrote in garagesalejapan,
J. Lynn

Less than a day left now to bid on these two auctions:


The lot of 6 SM toys. I lowered the price to $25.00 and put in the fact that the Luna P was American. There's no bids so someone can probably just bid the 25 and get all 6. Orrrr..


The seldom seen SM Materials Collection artbook. The bid is up to $55.00 but the lady told me her max bid was $60. Seeing as I've seen this go up over $150.00, bidding over her even as much as $61.00 is pretty cheap. XD

(I don't mean to spam, I'm just really hoping the latter sells well and that someone bids on the lot of toys since I need the money. ^_^;; This'll be the last post on these two items, I promise!

X-posted like whoa. Again. Sorry!!)
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