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STUFF! Manga, doujinshi, anime, figures!

Hi all, some new stuff.. FF7, King of Fighters and Tohshinden doujinshi and various manga, and some Gundam Wing figures! ..And some old stuff with price cuts too. ^^;

Japanese Manga/Doujinshi
Final Fantasy VII doujinshi: "Apocalypse": $10

Humorous Zack/Cloud doujin, with Seph thrown in as the annoyed bystander most of the time. 34pp.

Final Fantasy VII doujinshi: "Dementia": $10

Humorous general doujin; the art is lovely. This book is huge -- about 8"x12". 32pp.

Final Fantasy VII doujinshi (unsure of title): $10

YAOI. Humorous ?/Cloud doujin, guest-starring Sephiroth, Vincent, and a really evil chocobo. 33pp.

Tohshinden doujinshi (unsure of title): $15

Shounen-ai Vermilion/Sho doujin. Slightly humorous. Eiji and Kayin pop in often, too. 50pp.

King of Fighters doujinshi: "97 Kyo vs. Iori FIGHT!": $10

Humorous KOF doujinshi anthology, starring Kyo or Iori in most of the stories. 174pp.

Gundam Wing doujinshi: Rising Earth vol. 1-7, 9: $70

These are doujinshi anthologies, about 200 pages each; the stories range from humor to angsty drama, and are generally flavored with a bit of shounen-ai.

Gundam Wing G-Unit manga vol. 1: $3

The Japanese version of "The Last Outpost" (see English manga below). A side story in the Gundam Wing universe.

Tohshinden manga vol. 1: $3

Based on the fighting game of the same name, and starring Eiji.

Nazca manga vol. 1-2 (complete set): $6

Based on the anime of the same name. The story takes a few different turns, though. ^^

English Manga
Tokyo Babylon vol. 1-7 (the complete series): $35
Each book was read once, so they're in pretty darned good condition. ^^

Mouryoukiden (Legend of the Nymph) vol. 1-3 (complete set): $15
Books read once and kept shelved. ^^

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Last Outpost vol. 1-3 (complete set): $15
This is a side-story to Gundam Wing. Again, books read once, in near-mint condition. ^^

Books I was forgetful enough to buy two of..
Excel Saga vol. 1: $5
Trigun Maximum vol. 3: $5
Ceres, Celestial Legend vol. 3: $5
Angel Sanctuary vol. 6: $5

Revolutionary Girl Utena: the Movie: $10
New in wrapper; came in a boxed set, but I already had it. ^^;

Martian Successor Nadesico, vol. 1: $10
New in wrapper.

Gundam Wing PVC figures $20

These plastic figures are about 4"-5" tall and are great for display. All 5 pilots, Zechs Merquise and Relena Peacecraft.

Shipping prices to be determined by what you buy, how fast you want things, and where you live. ^_~

I accept Paypal (including credit cards) and money orders, and have 100% positive feedback on ebay as "xianghua". ^^ If you're interested in buying something, leave a message or email me at mistress(AT)mistrust(DOT)com. Thanks for looking!
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