___tsukiyomi x cet (___tsukiyomi) wrote in garagesalejapan,
___tsukiyomi x cet


Official Chobits Dvd Volumes 2-8.

I have volume 1 and just need the rest! Any region as well is fine. Oh, or if anyone had the collectors box editions too.. That'd be nifty :D So yeah, if anyone has any for cheapish please let me know!

I'm in the UK but I don't mind taking the cheapest shipping option, as I'm quite patient, and also because things I've got from america lately with regular airmail shipping have only taken like 4 days.. XD But yeah I'm in the UK and might be able to paypal you the money, but otherwise I can send cash converted into US dollars, well concealled and registered mail!

Comment here or email me at; ___tsukiyomi@sailormoon.com

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