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Trying to get rid of some stuff to help pay for Uni...


-Samurai Deeper Kyo ($5)
-Happy Mania, 1-6, 11 ($5 each), Volume 10 ($3, water spilt on it) [shipping for batches will be cheaper]
-Kill Me, Kiss Me, 1-5 ($5, $20 for the entire series)
-Yu-Gi-Oh, 2-4 ($5 each)
-InuYasha, 5,13,16 ($5 each)
-D.N. Angel 1-2 ($5 each)
-Diabolo, 1 ($5)

Most of the manga is still in the packaging (minus Happy Mania). $2 shipping for each volume within North America (I will not ship out, sorry). Paypal only, please and thanks. :)


-Generator Gawl, entire series ($15) [$5 shipping]

Note that it's not the licensed, it's some imported chinese DVD, but it still has English dub and sub, and Japanese dialogue. The picture is perfect, and I really didn't notice any difference.

I don't have a digital camera to provide pictures, but everything is in perfect condition, considering I've kept all material within their original packaging.
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