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Hey everyone! I have some bills that need paying and I just generally want to get rid of this stuff, so here we go again.

Umi and Mokona plushies -- $15 shipped apiece or $25 shipped for both
Umi is about 10 inches tall and Mokona is about 6 inches tall. They both come from a smoke-free, pet-free home and are in excellent condition.

One thing I want to mention is that Umi's jacket is a little long on the left side. It's been that way since I got her and I don't know if it's a defect or what. It can probably be fixed with a little sewing though. :)

Magic Knight Rayearth manga volumes 1-3 -- $15 shipped for all three
They're all in good shape with minor shelfwear. They've only been read once.

Gurren Lagann volume 1 DVD -- $15 shipped
This is the SUB ONLY version (no English dub!) and has two discs with episodes 1-8. I only watched the first disc, so there are no scratches.

Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Best OST -- $8 shipped
Contains all of the opening/ending themes from the anime, plus a DVD with Nana Kitade's PV for "Kesenai Tsumi." The CD has a couple of very small scratches that don't affect the playback.

Sonic Heroes for PS2 -- $10 shipped
It's been played only once, so there are no scratches.

Panda Z DVDs, volumes 1, 3-5 -- $12 shipped for all four
My friend has a weird obsession with giving me panda-related gifts... anyway, these are all still in the shrinkwrap, so they've never even been watched.

It's not Japanese, but it's a vidya game so I won't post a picture unless someone's interested. I have a PC version of The Sims 2 with no scratches that I'm interested in selling for $10 shipped. Let me know if you're interested or want a picture. :D

I accept Paypal (preferred), money orders, personal checks (won't ship until they clear), and concealed cash at your own risk.

I am not going to be able to ship anything until Monday, March 16. I work today, Friday, and Saturday and can't make it to the post office until Monday morning. Sorry!

I have 100% positive feedback as both a buyer and a seller on my Ebay page here.

Please feel free to make an offer on anything if you don't like my prices! I just want to get rid of this stuff and I need money ASAP!
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