Cool to the touch but underneath youre all volcano (emiwenis) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Cool to the touch but underneath youre all volcano

Looking to get rid of some old anime/manga/jrock stuff

Would anybody like to buy:

- Mamotte Shugogetten manga volume 1 (Japanese)
- Suki na mono wa suki dakara shou ga nai (sukisho) manga anthology (Japanese), or a clear plastic poster
- Keroberos pillow (it's a pillow of Kero-chan's cute face/head and on the back is white fluffy wings)
- Tsubasa reservoir chronicle manga volumes 1-10 in JAPANESE (perfect condition, obis included mostly)

some old Jrock including
- Orivia album "tsukishoku no tane" special edition cool box, perfect condition
- Noir Fleurir and Defluerir like fucking discography - defluerir demo tapes, noir fleurir's millenium, special live VHS, omocha no miisha PV VHS
- Missalina Rei Tokimeki PV VHS (so fucking awesome)
- Baiser discography including a special edition CD/photobook which I got from like third stage or brand x or likea i dont even remember it was $70 though.

I'm just trying to test hte waters for interest at all. if nothing, i'll just give/throw it away :/
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