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This is the second part of my sales post. The prices include shipping worldwide and Paypal fees. If some of my prices sound ridiculous, feel free to tell me because I honestly have no idea what to ask for, because I've never sold anything but clothes before. I'm located in Finland. I took pictures of none of these, but if you want to purchase it I'll take one for you.

~Manga in english~ ALL 5€
Naruto vol. 1-4, 10
Bleach vol. 12-13, 15
Gerard & Jacques vol. 1-2
Love Hina vol. 1
Hino Horror vol. 9-10, 12
Neon Genesis Evangelion Angelic Days vol. 1
Someday's Dreamers vol. 1.2
Kingdom Hearts II vol. 1
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories vol. 1
Loveless vol. 3
The Best New Manga vol. 2

~Manga in other languages~ ALL 5€ EXCEPT LUCKY STAR, 10€
Demon Diary in Swedish vol. 3-7
Fullmetal Alchemist in Finnish vol. 1-5, 8 (I'll include a poster if you buy one of these)
Fullmoon wo Sagashite in Finnish vol. 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion in Finnish vol. 1-2
Oh My Goddess in Finnish vol. 1-2
Lucky Star in Japanese vol. 1, 3
Samurai Deeper Kyo in Swedish vol. 2

~Anime and Asian movies with English subtitles~ ALL 10€ SHIPPED EXCEPT MOON CHILD, 12€
Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 1
The Blue Light
Hellsing vol. 1
Fruits Basket vol. 1
Ring 0
Ring 2
Tell me Something
H Hypnosis
The Resurrection of the Little Matchgirl
Moon Child
The Uninvited
Parapara Paradise vol. 7 (This is a VCD, so may require special player to play. My DVD player plays VCD, but not all do.)

~Anime and Asian movies with subtitles in other languages~ ALL 10€
Wishing Stairs with Fin, Swe, Nor, Den subtitles
2009 Lost Memories with Fin, Swe, Nor, Den subtitles
One Call Missed with Fin, Swe, Nor subtitles
Full Metal Panic vol. 3 with Fin, Swe subtitles
Macross Plus vol. 1 with Fin, Swe, Nor, Den subtitles

~Live DVD's~ 14€
Dir en grey - It Withers and Withers

Holding: I can hold items for 24 hours, longer if you pay a small amount upfront. If you back out, I will not refund this amount.

Shipping: I will send the packages by priority international, which should take one week to two weeks to arrive anywhere in the world. Shipping worldwide is included in the prices. Priority letters for smaller items do not have tracking, but package for bigger ones do, I think, and I will provide it if requested. I will ship the item within a week of payment if there's no problem.

Trades: I'm willing to trade for some lolita items, show me what you've got.

Any questions and inquiries, feel free to ask! If I forgot something, please point it out...
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