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Everything Must Go!! Lots of SailorMoon and Lolita Items. Offers Accepted.


* Paypal Only (CC or non-CC) Buyers are responsible for Paypal fees.
* Buyers are responsible for  2.9% + .30 Paypal fees
* U.S. buyers only please
* Shipping is $3.50 on all items (except lolita stuff and posters) / Multiple item discount avaliable.
* First buyer able to pay gets the item
* All items are shipped within 48 hours of payment
* I do have a cat, however I try to keep her away from my clothes.
* Feedback can be found on: Loligoth Database / eBay / My Journal

For lolita items please click here


* has some damages please comment for pictures and more details

Sailor Moon (Original Tokyopop version) $7 per manga / $3 for damaged ones SOLD
vol. 1 *
vol. 3
vol. 4
vol. 5 *
vol. 6
vol. 7
vol. 8 *
vol. 9
vol. 10 SOLD
vol. 11

Sailor Moon SuperS (Original Tokyopop version) $10 per manga
vol. 1 SOLD
vol. 2
vol. 3
vol. 4

Sailor Moon StarS (Original Tokyopop version) $15 per manga SOLD
vol. 1
vol. 2
vol. 3


Chobits Vols 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 (Region 1 Pioneer dvds. Brand New still in packaging) $7 per DVD $32 for set SOLD

D.N.Angel vol 7 (Region 1 ADV DVD. Brand new still in packaging) $7

Paradise Kiss Limited Edition Collectors Box w/ vol 1 DVD $10


* has some damages please comment for pictures and more details

Eternal Sailor Moon Poster $15 ($10 for shipping. I would rather this not get any more damaged during shipping so this will be shipped in a poster tube.) SOLD

* This beautiful poster was purchased at Otakon 2003. It has some damages due to being left folded and being bumped around when we moved to our new house. I was going to have it framed and mounted but never got around to doing so. Please comment for pictures of damages.

Sailor Moon Hologram Poster $7 ($8 shipping ) SOLD

Has some minor bends in it from being folded, but other than that still in good condition.

Thanks For Looking!


  green_tea_river : Shipped as of 3/19
  bchan : Shipped as of 3/17  ainominap : Shipped as of 3/17  antihero_ : Shipped as of 3/17  moon_escalation : Shipped as of 3/17  little_maruchan : Shipped as of 3/17

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