momobento (momobento) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Tsubasa Chronicles posters/calendar

I'm trying to get rid of a couple posters. They're both from Tsubasa Chronicles.

The first is a poster-size calendar with 7 different full-size images from the anime. (Picture below, the rest of the images under the cut). The calendar is from 2006, but its basically just big pretty posters since the dates are just tiny numbers at the bottom. It's in great condition, all pages still connected, with just a small pinhole at the bottom where it was tacked to the wall once. Size is 24"x16.5"

Second one is a blue-tinted manga image of Touya and Yukito. Size is 21"x15", in great condition still (may have pinholes at the corners).

I'm asking $6 for the calendar, $2 for the blue poster or it's free with the calendar if nobody else takes it first. Or highest offer. Or make me an offer. ^^

(my apologies for the glare in the pics) ^^;;

Tags: collectibles, posters
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