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Re-posting Items for Sale!

Selling a lot of new stuff and reposting old stuff!

Manga, Naruto Cosplay, Wolf's Rain DVD, Arc the Lad PS2 RPG, and tons of Sanrio items. I set some of the prices, but e-mail me if you want to negotiate.

The following manga are in excellent condition (most still have the Borders tags on them)

Manga: English Asking for $5 each.
X/1999: 1-15 ON HOLD
Shaman King: 1-4
Angel Sanctuary #3

Cosplay: $40 (items from Japan and Hong Kong)
Naruto Leaf Village Cosplay items:
Resin Kunai Knife
Resin Shuriken (2)
Leaf Village headband
Sasuke glove

DVDs: $12
Wolf's Rain DVD 1
Outlaw Star 1
Outlaw Star 2
Outlaw Star 3
(Outlaw Star Set: $30)

PS2: $15
Arc the Lad: Twilight of Spirits RPG - perfect condition played through once

VHS Make an Offer!
Rurouni Kenshin (AKA: Samurai X) OAVs: Trust and Betrayal: English Dub
Record of Lodoss War COMPLETE SERIES
CLAMP's Magic Knight Rayearth Complete Series 1
Pokémon: Electric Shock Showdown and Pikachu Party
Vision of Escaflowne Uncut TV Episodes 1-4
Rurouni Kenshin TV Episodes 1-17 (4 tapes)

Misc. Make an offer!
Hasbro Hamtaro play set: Comes with Hamtaro, Oxnard, a little refrigerator and some Ham-Ham food.

Pokémon cards: Starter Set (I don't know too much about this so the whole deck contains 41 cards: Persian, Cubone, Bulbasar, Trainer, Energy cards, Growlithe(2), Plus Power (2), Rhydon, Starmite, Venonat (3), Doduo, Kakuna, Fearow, Haunter, Squirtle, Machop, Exeggcute, Rhyhorn, Machoke, Dodrio, Butterfree, Goldeen (2), Bellsprout, Meowth, Abra, Paras, Pikachu and one other card that has not been unwrapped from the plastic. All cards are in excellent condition with no bent edges.

Sanrio items: All Sanrio items are brand new in original plastic/boxes/tags attached unless noted otherwise
30th Anniversary Collectible Plush - only 3,500 were made, this one is new in box #2,546 - asking for $35 since they are rare.
Image hosted by

Collectible Little Twin Stars Glass (rare) $20
Collectible Pin Sets (5 different sets - including one loose set) $5 for a set, $3 for the loose set

Image hosted by

Hello Kitty Denium Purse $25
Hello Kitty Mini-Polaroid Camera (rare) $30
Deery Lou 8 oz. Glasses (not shown) - $8 per glass (Quantity: 8)

Image hosted by

Sanrio items: Stationary (make an offer!):
French KT
Galaxy Pochacco (Quantity: 4)
Sweet Coron
Baby Cinnamon/ Cinnamaroll Sold!
Deery Lou
Pop KT
Ice Cream KT
Hawaiian KT: Hula with Pin
Hawaiian KT: Cocktail with Pin
Hawaiian KT: Cocktail and Hula with stickers

Image hosted by

Writing Pads
Deery Lou
Sweet Coron
Ice cream KT
Hula KT
Graffitti KT
Rainbow KT and Mimmy
Blue Angel College-Ruled Hello KT Looseleaf (150 sheets)

Image hosted by

Misc: Sanrio

USED Pink Camelia Hello KT Caboodle - excellent condition - no scratches
USED Blue Angel KT electronic Organizer - excellent condition (might need new battery)
USED Hello Kitty Zipper/Lanyard with mini-light - excellent condition - light still works perfectly and the zipper works
Hawaiian KT: Cocktail sticker
Purple Camelia KT clear pen tray
Mini Hello KT travel kit: Contains containers for shampoo, conditioner, lotion or pills in a little plastic case
Badtz Maru (XO) locking pencil caseSold!
Hello Kitty Japanese soup spoon
Hello Kitty Japanese mini organizer
Pop KT stamper set
Minna no Taboo rolling stamper
Hello Kitty eraser set (comes with 5 erasers)
Hello Kitty durable black tote bag with forest green handles and lettering
Chi Chai Monchan Change purse (picture not shown)
USED Hello Kitty travel alarm clock/radio (excellent condition - uses 1 AAA battery) (picture not shown)

Image hosted by

If you're interested, need pictures or any other information leave a comment or e-mail me at with subject line SELL. I accept Paypal, personal checks (please allow 10 days to clear), and money orders from the post office. No cash or trades accepted at the moment. Prices do not include Shipping and Handling. I ship both domestically and abroad. I can hold items for ONE WEEK ONLY. Thanks!

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