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trying again!

Here's my little list once again. It's been a while since I tried to sell this stuff and I could really use the extra money and extra space that will come with getting rid of these items.

Feel free to make offers if you don't like the price on something. In fact, I encourage you to make offers! I really really prefer PayPal since it is the quickest and the money can be transfered directly to my checking account. However, if you absolutely cannot pay with PayPal, I will take money orders and well concealed cash at your own risk. If you choose to send cash and I never receive it, there is nothing I can do for you.

I have pictures of some of these items, but I'm not going to post them in the event that nobody is interested in anything. If there is something you want to see, let me know and I'll post a picture if I have one or find some place that does have a picture of whatever it is. If you have any questions, just comment or email:

Shipping prices are within the USA and Canada. I will ship outside of that region, just let me know where you're wanting it shipped so I can tell you what the shipping will be.


Hyde 2004 Calendar Page/Poster - September/October - $5 + $3 shipped in a tube

Buck-Tick Official Fan Club Books - Fish Tank 30 & 31 - $15 each or both for $25 + $2 shipping

S Yojigen Zukan CD - 10 Tracks - Official Japanese CD (Out of Print) - $12 + $2 shipping

Dir en grey 2005 Calendar Pages/Posters - January/February & March/April - $5 each + $3 shipped in a tube

*Please make an offer if you want either of these two items. I'm not expecting much from them at all*

If you want one of these, I won't charge you for shipping. I'll only charge if you're purchasing more than one of these items or something else in addition to any of the following.

Miyavi Rock no Gyakushu - Super Star no Joken / 21seiki-gata koshinkyoku CD single -Purchased on this community but was uninformed of the fact that the seller wasn't including the original case, booklet, or dvd. It is just the CD single in a slim purple case. *sadness*

Miyavi Oresama Movie - Burned Copy bought from someone on eBay - A cheap alternative to paying $40 for a movie you've never seen that doesn't have subtitles but ya wanna see it anyway because it's MIYAVI'S MOVIE!!! XD


*All of these DVDs, Manga, and CDs are Official US Releases.

Comic Party DVD Box Set - Complete Series (4 Discs) - Viewed Only Once - $45 + $5 shipping

Excel Saga DVDs - Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 - $8 each or both for $14 + $3 shipping *NOTE*The side part of the case for Vol. 1 has a piece of plastic missing. A friend borrowed it and didn't take care of it the way I take care of my stuff, so the case was broken. T_T

Tenchi Muyo GXP DVD - Vol. 1 - $8 + $2 shipping

Texhnolyze DVD - Vol. 1 - $8 + $2 shipping

FAKE DVD - Shounen-ai/Yaoi - $8 + $2 shipping

Licensed by Royalty DVD - Vol. 1 - $8 + $2 shipping

Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden DVD - Vol. 1 - $8 + $2 shipping

Witch Hunter Robin Original Soundtrack - 23 Tracks - $5 + $2 shipping

Wolf's Rain Original Soundtrack - 21 Tracks - $5 + $2 shipping

Peace Maker Kurogane Manga - Vol. 1 - $4 + $2 shipping

Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star Manga - Vol. 1 - $4 + $2 shipping

I.N.V.U Manga - Vol. 1 - $4 + $2 shipping

*Please just make offers on the following items. I don't really expect to get much of anything for these, so I'm not putting prices on them. If there is anything you're interested in just tell me what you're willing to give for it*

If you want one of these, I won't charge you for shipping. I'll only charge if you're purchasing more than one of these items or something else in addition to any of the following.

X Anime Vol.3 SLIPCASE ONLY. Bought in a set of 3, 4, and 5, but only needed 4 & 5. This is EXTRA! XD

Spiral Mini Puzzle - Came with Spiral DVD 1 w/box - Again! Something extra that I don't need or want. XD

Gungrave Mousepad - Came with DVD 1 w/box - ^_^;; Something extra and useless to me once again. XD

Tenchi Muyo Trading Card Set - Bought on Ebay AGES ago when I first started watching anime.

ALRIGHT! Any takers? ^_^v
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