Sometimes I just want to shoot myself... (tataru) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Sometimes I just want to shoot myself...

I hope no one minds that I posted twice today. I just went through my stuff and found more things I want to get rid of.

A 2005 Inu-Yasha calendar. Brand new. (SOLD)


Two NEWTYPE magazines. The posters are still in there. From left to right: March 2004 and December 2003. The December issue has some flaws on the cover but the pages are still together.

March 2004: $10

December 2003: $8

Both: $12

This little Sesshomaru (sp) pencil top-thing. It's kinda wide for a pencil though, I think it's really meant for a pen.

Mmm, name your price.

Please leave a comment if you are interested. The shipping is not included in the prices above. The prices are negotiable. I can ship worldwide and I only accept Paypal and cash (at your own risk!)

More of my other items:

Thank you for looking!

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