Totto 「トット」 (t0tto) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Totto 「トット」

H!P DVD, Serial experiments Lain box set, Kana VHS

I'm trying to sell these things off because I really need the money right now. Please take a look!

Hello! Project Winter Allstars DVD
Serial Experiments Lain DVD Boxset
Kana Kokoro no Mori VHS (Very rare)

-Shipping to US & Canada only this time
-Paypal only, please. If you pay with CC paypal then you will pay the fees (4.9% + $0.30), so let me know if it is CC or non CC.
-The prices DO NOT include shipping, that will have to be calculated depending on where you are. For most places in the US I think it will end up around $5, if you want an estimate before hand.
-Here is some of my feedback.
-Lastly, I know these pictures are kind of terrible. I had to take them with my cell phone, if you absolutely want me to, I can take new pictures with my digital camera. I just don't have it with me at the time! :)

Hello!Project 2005 Winter Allstars Dairanbu - A Happy New Power! Kaori Iida Sotsugyo Special DVD

I've only watched this a few times, so it's in great condition.


Serial Experiments Lain DVD Boxset
$95 (would consider a haggle on this)

I think I only watched the first DVD out of this whole box set. They should be in great condition.


Kana Kokoro no Mori VHS

Only watched once, great condition.

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