Eulbreve (kuinemure) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Flyers, CDs + items

The latest vkei flyers are up!

$1 each and for every 6 flyers, a Gab magazine will be given free (Latest issue no. 37)

More band flyers can be found here

Distress and Coma bonus items from Like an Edison
Besides the photoset and poster calender, a shop bonus sticker will be given for a double purchase (Auditory and Optical)

Japanesque Rock Collectionz Aid DVD「Cure」Vol.3 & 雑誌「Cure」Vol.68
Volume 3 will be release on March 25th, DVD covers events and Vkei artiste interviews etc. (

If you are interested in getting the above items, please send a email to or leave a comment. Thanks!
Tags: music: jrock
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