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TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! added some more buttons! ^.^

3/18/08 DOUBLE UPDATE: Added tons MORE buttons and Priced down anime cels to $10 each!!!! If you see something you like PLEASE tell me!!!!!! Im willing to haggle and work something out :D

buttons VARY from MANY MANY ANIME SHOWS if your looking for certain shows or characters LET ME KNOW! I probably have it XD (take a look at the button section)

hamtaro_s_003.gif HUGE UPDATE 3/15/09: I need to save up for Fanime so I will leave this stuff up for sale for THIS WEEK! After THIS WEEK EVERYTHING (except mini dolls I make of course) will be on..dare I say it..evil bay DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN. So please If you see ANYTHING that you are interested in now is the time to tell me. Offers are welcomed!!!! and TRADES are DEFINATLY welcome!!!!!!! for all doll parts (1/6ths) I will bundle things for a trade!
thankies hamtaro_s_003.gif

 FOR MORE ITEMS Please check out my journal for all items for sale

thankies ^-^

I HAVE TONS OF STUFF FROM TONS OF SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and MANGAS (and stuff for your dolls) GET THEM NOW BEFORE THEY GO ON EBAY!!!! O.O
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