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Jen Fukuzawa

Japanese rock/pop cds/magazines/signed/tour goods For Sale

We sell New and Used Japanese Rock/Pop CDs, DVDs, Magazines, Band merch and other Japanese collectibles. Please click on the banner to visit the site and take a look!

~All prices are before shipping. Some shipped from California, USA, some shipped from Japan.
~We accept Paypal (preferred), International Money Orders or Very Well concealed cash (Cash: domestic orders ONLY).
~Please read our shipping policies HERE
~Help Spread the Word! If you purchase an item, and refer a friend, tell them to mention your name and BOTH of you will receive 10% off your next order! Mention this LJ post and receive 5% off your order now! (only 1 discount per order).
~Feel free to send us a message here or on the website if you are looking for a particular item. We are currently adding new items Every Day, so the chances are good there might be something for you soon!
~Do NOT ask for a shipping Quote without leaving naming the Country of destination (plus Zipcode AND State if in the U.S.). We CANNOT give you an answer if we do not know this information.

Please leave FEEDBACK here. This is new, but since people ask I figured I might as well start a thread for it. But until it actually grows, you can check out the other people who have bought from me in the past.

To understand the Condition Grade of the Items and our Return Policy set to each item (Like New, Excellent, Great, etc), please read this post HERE

We are still working to get all the items onto the website, so these links below have items still not yet on the site. As soon as the items are added, the links will be deleted.

We now also have a MYSPACE~!
This is also very new, so please add us and help spread the word! We will be working hard to put featured and discounted items on there for people to see.

We have also started an LJ JUST for Chyuko Rock! As soon as the items are on the site, we will be posting from THAT LJ instead of this one!

Some CDs mailed from the US still not on the website. Click below for those.

12012 (6)-----808 (1)-----Abingdon Boys School (1)-----Acid Black Cherry (1)-----アリス九號/Alice Nine (1)-----ALvino (1)-----Angelo (2)-----Baiser (1)-----Baroque (バロック) (2)-----bis (1)-----Blast (2)-----BoA (1)-----Bonnie Pink (1)-----Brilliant Green, The (1)-----BUCK-TICK (14)-----CASCADE (2)-----Chisato/千 (Penicillin) (1)-----Cynthia (1)-----Deflina Ma'riage (1)-----Dasein (1)-----DAS:VASSER (1)-----Die in Cries (3)-----Dir en grey (1)-----D+SHADE (1)-----Eliphas Levi (1)-----EXILE (1)-----FANATIC◇CRISIS (2)-----【FIGURE;】 (1)-----FLARE, The (Sugizo) (1)-----Gackt (17)-----GARDEN (1)-----ガゼット (the GazzetE) (2)-----GiFT (1)-----Gisho/Jun Ohtaki (3)-----ギミック/Gimmick (1)-----Glay (24)-----Groove Syndicate (1)-----Hakuei (3)-----heidi (1)-----hide (7)-----hide Solo Compilations (2)-----Hiro-X (1)-----HY (1)-----Hyde (3)-----Illumina (2)-----J (ex. Luna Sea) (1)-----Janne Da Arc (4)-----JILS (3)-----Justy Nasty (5)-----Kagraa, (1)-----Kaggra/Due'le Quartz/Ash (1)-----Kitade, Nana (1)-----Kuroyume (8)-----KuRt  (1)-----La'cryma Christi (3)-----Lareine (2)-----L'Arc~en~Ciel (3)-----L.M.C. (1)-----Loudness (1)-----Luna Sea (2)-----Machine (1)-----Malice Mizer (3)-----Maximum the Hormone (1)-----Missalina Rei (1)-----雅-miyavi- (3)-----モダン組曲/Modern Suite (1)-----Mr. Children (1)-----Mucc (4)-----Nakashima, Mika (NANA) (1)-----Nightmare (2)-----Orugoru (1)-----Pata (1)-----Penicillin (1)-----Pierrot (20)-----Psycho le Cemu (10)-----Puffy (1)-----Raphael (4)-----R (Spread Beaver/Penicillin/Sleep My Dear) (1)-----Ring & Lagna (1)-----Sadie (1)-----SADS (6)-----Sakurai, Atsushi (1)-----Schwein (1)-----シリアル<=>NUMBER (1)-----Sex Machineguns (2)-----SHAZNA (1)-----Siam Shade (2)-----シド (SID) (1)-----Sleep MyDear (7)-----SMILE (2)-----Sowelu (1)-----Strawberry Fields (5)-----Tackey & Tsubasa (1)-----TMNetwork (7)-----Tommy February (1)-----Transtic Nerve (1)-----The TRAX (2)-----Tsuchiya, Anna (2)-----Unicorn (3)-----Utada, Hikaru (1)-----VAMPS (1)-----vellaDonna (1)-----Vidoll (1)-----With Sexy (3)-----X Japan (2)-----X Japan Compilations (Extasy Records) (1)-----Yellow Monkey, The (1)-----Yoshiki (1)-----Zilch (1)-----Zwei (1)

808 (1)-----Chisato (Penicillin) (7)-----Dir en grey (5)-----Fanatic Crisis (1)-----GLAY (6)-----Hakuei (3)-----(Penicillin)-----LUNA SEA (8)-----MASCHERA (1)-----Neil (1)-----Himuro, Kyosuke/氷室 恭介 (3)-----HYDE (2)-----Kitano, Shoko (Produced and written by Yoshiki of X-Japan) (1)-----黒夢/Kuroyume: (8)-----La'cryma Christi (2)-----L'Arc~en~Ciel (3)-----Nuvc:gu (1)-----Penicillin-----Pierrot (4)-----R (Spread Beaver/Penicillin/Sleep My Dear) (1)-----Sex Machineguns (1)-----SHAZNA (3)-----X JAPAN (3)

Alice Nine-----An Cafe-----アヤビエ (Ayabie)-----bis-----BUCK-TICK-----Bump of Chicken-----D-----D's Mad Tea Party-----D'espairsRay-----Dir en grey-----Fanatic Crisis-----Gackt-----GazettE, The-----ギルガメシュ (Girugamesh)-----GLAY-----hide (X Japan)-----INDEX (Dir en grey/Gackt/Sophia/The Alfee)-----J (Luna Sea)-----Janne Da Arc-----Kagerou-----Kagraa,-----King Show-----LA'CRYMA CHRISTI-----L'ARC~EN~CIEL-----Lolita23q-----Luna Sea-----Malice Mizer-----Mana (Malice Mizer, M10M)-----メガマソ (Megamaso)-----Miku (An Cafe)-----Mix Speakers Inc-----MUCC-----NOIZ-----Orange Range-----Peace & Smile Carnival Tour-----Penicillin-----Phantasmagoria-----Pierrot-----Psycho'le Cemu-----RISE-----サデイ (Sadie)-----SHOXX ARTIST BOX-----Straghtener-----SuG-----Surface-----Sweet Jam-----T.M.Revolution-----Undercode Productions-----Uverworld-----w-inds-----Yasu(Janne Da Arc/ABC)-----Yoshiki (X JAPAN)-----ZI:KILL-----ZAPPY-Globe, CD-Janne Da Arc, Lareine, Raphael, Lastier, Sex Machineguns, Plastic Tree, Penicillin, Shazna, SADS, Zard, Moon Child, etc

Gackt (1)-----Psycho'le Cemu (1)-----Sex Machineguns (1)-----T.M. Revolution (3)-----X Japan (2)

Anti Feminism (1)-----Anti Feminism/Hagakure (1)-----Baiser (1)-----Death Trance (1)-----Dir en grey (1)-----Dragon Ash (1)-----D+SHADE (2)-----Eins:Veir (1)-----GACKT (4)-----GLAY (4)-----Kuroyume 黒夢 (2)-----La'cryma Christi (3)-----Laputa (1)-----Lareine (2)-----L'Arc~en~Ciel (2)-----Luna Sea (1)-----Malice Mizer (6)-----Oblivion Dust (1)-----Penicillin (1)-----Penicillin/Sleep My Dear/Media Youth (1)-----Pierrot (3)-----Shina Ringo (1)-----Shulla (1)-----Siam Shade (1)-----Sugizo (3)-----Transtic Nerve (1)-----X JAPAN (1)

007 James Bond*-----20th Century Boys-----Alice Nine-----Asahiyama Movie*-----Audrey*-----Australia*-----AVEX x USEN*-----Babylon-----ビリー/Billy-----BLEACH-----BLOOD-----Bloody Valentine 3D*-----Boogieman-----Branch-----Chocolate Underground*-----Clutch-----Deflina Ma'riage-----Dir en grey-----Doraimon-----Dead Pop Stars , The (DPS)-----Dear Loving-----Dragon Ash-----Dragonball Evolution*-----GACKT-----GazettE, The-----GS-Wonderland*-----hurts-----Imitation Pop Noiz-----Junna-Envy Project*-----Kagerou-----Kra-----カレン/Karen-----Kenllre*-----Kisaki Project-----Kiyoshi (Spread Beaver/Machine)-----Hellboy 2*-----Kansen Rettou (感染劣等)*-----Machine (Hakuei & Kiyoshi)-----Madagascar 2*-----Malice Mizer-----MANA (Malice Mizer)-----Mamma Mia!*-----Metal Battle*-----Metasol*-----Mirrors*-----Miyavi-----Moi dix Mois-----Nightmare-----Pashya-----Peace & Smile Carnival Tour-----Penicillin-----Pierrot-----Phantasmagoria-----Polysics-----Pride*-----Prototype-----The Pumpkin Head-----R*A*P-----Red Cliff*-----Rescue Wings (救いの翼)*-----Revolutionary Road*-----Rizell-----サヂイ/Sadie-----Scar-----SID-----Siva-----Surface/Hysteric Blue-----Schwardix Marvally-----The Curious Life of Benjamin-----Tribal Chair*-----Button*-----Under Code-----Uverworld-----Valkyrie*-----Vidoll-----Watchman, The-----Waiting for Good News (カフーを待ちわびて)*-----Yatterman*-----Yonezawa*-----Yoshiki (X JAPAN)

12012-----Aioria (SIGNED)-----Angelo-----BLOOD-----BoA-----D'espairsRay-----Dir en grey-----D&L-----Dragon Ash-----Eins:Vier-----Eze:qul-----Gisho (Penicillin)-----GuruGuru: Vanilla, Waive, Mucc,-----Jakura-----Hakuei-----HYDE-----KAZ (Spread Beaver, VAMPS)-----Kirito-----Machine-----Malice Mizer-----未散プロジェクト/Michiru Project (SIGNED)-----Penicillin-----Phantasmagoria (SIGNED)-----Phantasmagoria /ヴィドール (Vidoll)-----Phobia-----Pierrot-----Penicillin-----Polysics-----Raphael-----SHOCK EDGE 2001-----SMAP-----SPEED-----Sugizo-----Transtic Nerve-----Under Code-----Vanilla-----Vidoll-----Vizell

Aioria-----Ash-----Blast-----BLOOD-----Croix Allcine-----Deflower-----Eze:qul & LAYBIAL-----hev'n-----Jils-----KILAH-----KISAKI&関西貴族-----Kisaki Project-----lab.-----Lar~Mia------Madeth gray'll-----Noir fleurir-----Penicillin-----PHANTASMAGORIA-----Phobia-----Radifia-----Remage-----サリー/Sally-----ヴィドール/Vidoll

Capybara-san-----Cinnamoroll-----Gloomy Bear-----Monokuro Boo-----Sailor Bunny-----Batzmaru-----One Piece-----Card Captor Sakura-----Prince of Tennis-----Disney-----Sentimental Graffiti-----Doraimon-----Shamen King-----Ghibli-----Sister Princess-----Keroro Gunso-----Tenchi Muyo-----Love Hina-----XXXHolic & Tsubasa-----Moomin Valley-----Stitch & Friend-----Vanrough Candy Bear


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