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Malice Mizer, BLOOD, PLC stuff for sale

Listed below are all the items I'm selling. Can't keep them around anymore because I am moving and there isn't anymore space.


AA, Mujou (w/ hard cover box) $20 USD each 
- vol 1
- vol 2
- vol 3

Bara no higeki photobook (w/ obi) $20 USD

BLOOD –ALL of these items are out of print--

“Morphine / Collector” (red cover) CD single  $5 USD
“Tsuioku -I Remember You-“ CD single  $5 USD
“Blind” CD single  $5 USD
“Blood type” CD EP $10 USD
“Blood” CD EP $10 USD
“1st Period” CD album  $13 USD
“Vengence for Blood #2” CD album  $15 USD
“Vengence for Blood #3” CD album  $15 USD

Psycho le Cemu

"A Trip to the Arcadia" double CD album set  $16 USD
“Doppelganger” CD album  $12 USD
Psycho le Cemu US tour T-shirt size ‘M’ (Never worn before) $25 USD

If you have any questions about any of the items listed above (condition, pictures, shipping cost, etc) please feel free to send an email to me at david_reise_2000@yahoo.com. This is the best way to contact me because I won’t be able to check this community everyday. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY PLEASE

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