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manga sale~

I have a few things that need a new home. Mostly just manga.They're just gathering dust on my shelves.
I added more manga and new pictures. I just really want to get rid of this stuff. so just make an offer.

I accept only concealed cash at the moment. >.< sorry.  (and I do accept trades.)♥
All manga is in English and in excellent condition (unless noted)

Rules are at the bottom. :)

$5 dollars each
* Shugo Chara 1-3
* Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, 1
* My Heavenly Hockey Club, 5

$4 each
* Chobits, 1
* Anne Freaks vol. 2
* Beauty Pop, 1
* INVU ($3)
* Dr.Slump ($3)

* Vampire Knight, 1

*Buddha 1and 2 - $11 each or $20 shipped for both ( I'll only trade these for other osamu tezuka manga or kazuo umezu manga)

* Dororo 2 and 3 (by Osamu Tezuka) and I'll be willing to sell it if I get a good offer for them.

* Cafe Kichijouji de vol, 2,3 $6 each or $10 for both

Penguin Revolution vol 2-5 $20 shipped for all of them
Magic knight Rayearth 1-6 mixx ( I had previously gotten them from another LJer so they have her initials on the top, and 4-5 are in better condition than 1-3.) I'll take more pictures of them if anybody is interested. :D

* Shirahime Syo (Japanese) $5
* Pine Kiss, 1

Suki vol 1- $5
Un used Vegetable Memo Pad - $5

Hot Gimmick 6-10, 12
( Hot Gimmick 6-9 has some signs of usage, the others not so much but wouldn't hurt to ask.)
$35 for 11 books, and pick any book in red for free (12 books total)

I also have Hot Gimmick 1-5 that are pretty used up and I'd be willing to sell each of them for $3 each plus shipping.
I'm open to trades,( mostly looking for osamu tezuka or kazuo umezu manga, but show me what you have anyways ) Other things that I want are:
  • Pluto
  • Black Jack
  • Kitchen Princess 6,7, 9+
  • Shaman King 7+
  • Sugar Sugar Rune 2+
  • Yotsuba&! 3
  • Honey and Clover 5+
  • Nana 15+
  • Your & My Secret 3+
  • Duck Prince 3
  • Drifting Classroom 4+

I don't have a paypal so that leaves just concealed cash. sorry >.<
Please tell me if you're not interested in an item anymore.
Sorry if I respond late. >____<
I'm located within the US , and will only ship within the US. (and sometimes Canada)
Shipping depends on how much you get. :D I do, do combine shipping.
I'm open to trades, so just show me what you have. ( mostly looking for osamu tezuka or kazuo umezu manga, but show me what you have anyways )
If we're doing a trade I expect that you send first, unless you have feedback somewhere.
I can take more pictures upon request,
I have some feedback here
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