midnitekitten17 (midnitekitten17) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTB: Sailor Moon Yellow Boxed/Carded items!

Most of my Sailor Moon collection consists of these yellow boxed items and I would like to expand and satisfy my OCD to keep to as much yellow boxed as possible. Show me anything you have! Like keychains, plushes, dolls, toys and more! Please list the price your thinking shipped to 78541 with your post. I can pay via paypal or money order. Feedback in my journal (only post in there XP)

I currently own the following so will not be as apt to buy (but go ahead and show me anyways XD) the following unless your offer intrigues me.

Sailor Moon 17" doll
Sailor Mercury 17" doll
Sailor Mars 17" doll
Sailor jupiter 17" doll
Sailor Venus 17" doll
Sailor Moon Cutie Moon Rod
Serenity 11.5" doll
Tuxedo Mask 11.5" doll

Thank you in advance!
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