animefreakkatie (animefreakkatie) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Want to buy!!

 I'm looking for the following items.  please tell me if you have them for sale.
English Manga

Captive hearts vol. 3 and up

W juliet vol. 5-9 & 11

St. Dragon girl vol. 2 and up

Gakuen Alice vol. 6 and up

Kodocha vol. 1-10
Naruto vol. 34 and up

Bound Beauty vol 2 and up

Japanese Manga

W Juliet II vol. 1-2

Watashi no ookami-san  vol. 1-2

kimi wa girlfriend vol. 1-2

Kamisama Hajimemashita  (All volumes)

Gakuen Alice vol. 16 and up

Hana to Akuma (All volumes)

Hanatsuki Hime vol. 1-2

Akuma to Dolce (All volumes)


W Juliet Character guide / Artbook

Art of Fullmetal Alchemist II

Chrono Crusade Artbook (I there is one)

Ouran Highschool host club Artbook / fanbook

Movies / Anime

Howl's Moving Castle

Ponyo on the cliff at the sea

Other Items

Anything and Everything for Kaze Hikaru

Kaze Hikaru Drama CD

Gakuen Alice stuff

W Juliet Drama CD

Matsuri Hino stuff  (Merupuri, Captive hearts / toraware no minoue, WANTED,  Vampire Knight) 

Disgeae II RPG : Cursed Memories

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