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First time sale, of my manga, 60 lots!

I am selling off much of my manga in order to raise money for Sakura-con. I have everything from Yaoi (about 50 titles), to shojo sets to Yuri (lesbian themed manga) all in English. I have them on ebay and would appreciate if you would take a look as I have many out of print Yaoi and other sets as well as 801 media DMP, Broccoli, Yen and other overlooked but great manga publishers. All manga is in AS NEW/NEW or in wraps: I like to take care of my manga, read it once and put it away. Here are a few examples, all manga in English

Gunslinger Girl: 1-6 Complete
My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor (Yaoi)
Higurashi: When they Cry 1-2 Complete
Kyo Kara Maoh!: 1-2 Complete (yaoi)
Demon Flower: 1-4 Complete (boy love)
Moon & Sandals: 1-2 (Yaoi)
After I win (Yaoi)
Eternal Alice Rondo: 1-4 Complete (Yuri)
Never Give Up: 1-8 complete (Shojo)
V.B. Rose: 1-5 Complete (Shojo)
Crossroad: 1-7 Complete oop (Shojo)
Suppli: 1-3 Complete (shojo/Josei)
Neon Genesis Angelic Days: 1-6 Complete
Many Shojo Beat Lots
Sensitive Pornograph: NEW (yaoi)

60 Lots of manga, some buy it now, over 200 english manga books. Please take a look.

Please click here to see my entry on the sale.

Or go directly to Ebay Link
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