Sohru (baratsubomi) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling two An Cafe tickets

I am selling two An Cafe tickets for the Slim's concert. It's for dinners and admissions. They will save you from getting pushed and bruised in the concert because it is standing-only. I did that once and got bruises up and down m arms. The fans can be a little rough so if you do not want to do that I encourage you to buy these tickets from me. They are more than $30 though. I might be willing to haggle, just ask! You don't have to pay for shipping. It is free. Please buy them from me. ;-; I bought an extra on accident but as it turns out I cannot go. D: Please contact me at my journal. Not here. Thank-you.

I am also selling An Cafe merchandise at my journal as well. And I am still going to two An Cafe concerts in the US so I can pick up some merchandise for you if you cannot go. Just follow my journal. ^^
Tags: music: jrock
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