Charlie Tames My Dragon (bloodyrose82) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Charlie Tames My Dragon

I want...

Reposting coz it's been three days

I am looking for:

Anything Death Note (apart from the manga and the live action movies - got those sorted). Anything L is a particularly desirable thing! Can include doujin

Anything Battle Royale related (not the manga). Can include doujin.

Anything from ANY UK sellers. Please post your journals. You know how shipping can be internationally.

Also, on the off chance, if anyone has any Harry Potter or TOKIO HOTEL doujin, drop me a line. Either to this post, or email

Am also interested in alternative fashions (non-Lolita) and Japanese candy/snacks.

Not a long list or anything. LOL

Please be aware I can not pay until the weekend. If that works. then we're good to go. :) I will be happy to buy from international sellers.

Thank you
P.S. If we spoke before and I haven't replied, hit me up - I forgot to turn my message notifications on.
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