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auctions and apologies

I gave my friend a bunch of stuff to auction on eBay and will be giving more in the future.
You can find the auctions here
Stuff related to this lj: Squall figure, Hello Kitty plushes, Super Mario Bros. figure, Sailor V plush keychain, Final Fantasy VI keychain lot, San-x Tare Panda, Ebichu plush hamster.
My sincerest apologies to people on this lj that I had tried to do transactions with, or promised pics to, etc.  Things have become very bad in RL lately and just keep getting worse it seems, so I can't deal with a lot of individual deals right now, I'm really sorry, but I hope if there was something of mine you wanted to can get it at the auction site.
Thank you!!!!

Tags: collectibles, toys
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