Jupiter (jupiter4) wrote in garagesalejapan,

~repost~ with a few updates

UV Vol. 110 pictures for sale, $0.50 for a double sided page, $1.60 for lamination per page (turns out the guy was just being nice to me and laminated stuff for less, either that or he was confused) and $1 for shipping unless it's, like, a lot of pages but i doubt that. The image is the table of contents. Almost all of them are up for sale. The ones that aren't for sale are the following:
-Dir en grey

Please post here or email me at aresgoddess@yahoo.com if you are interested.

Random names of the bands left are:
-Asian Kung-Fu Generation
-J (only a few pages have been taken, the rest are up for sale)
-Gackt (only a few pages have been taken, the rest are up for sale)
-"and many more" (haha, i've always wanted to be able to post that for something!)

some of the band names are in hiragana and katakana and i can't list them here, (which is why i have the picture of the table of contents). ^_^ Anyways, I will only be throwing these pictures away, if i can't sell them, though i will keep listing them for a while. Happy jrocking. =D

Also...Inuyasha dvd for sale. If anyone is interested.
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