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Buying/Trading DNAngel Series

Hello there (:
I'm looking to buy some DNAngel books, I have none so far.
I don't want middle books like 3, 6...
I want 1,2,3,4... It'd be great to buy them together.
I also want perfect condition ones.

I have these to trade:
* Mamotte! Lollipop 1-7 (Full)
* Shugo Chara 1-4
* Hana Kimi (New & Never read) 1-2
* Full Moon o Sagashite 1-7 (Full)
* Tokyo Mew Mew 1-7 (Full)
* Tokyo Mew Mew Al La Mode {Sequel} 1-2 (Full)
* Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 1-3
* Shankugan No Shana 1-2
* Metamo Kiss 1
* Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 1-2
* Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances) 1-11, 19, 20
..........Note: 1-5 Slightly Yellow Pages; 10 Ripped and Bent Not fully (Cover and First Advertisement Page..); 19 and 20 NEW
* Kitchen Princess 1-8

I can only pay by concealed cash, postal money order or trade.
I prefer to trade...


Tags: manga: english, wanted
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