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Prices do not include shipping.

Yes I would be willing to provide larger and different sample pics. Everything is in perfect condition unless stated otherwise. I'm one of those anal people that take OCD care of my merch xDD

My feedback can be found here ->

Please leave a comment with your zip code, method of payment, and the item(s) you're interested in.

Can I please to be getting rid of this manga and anime! xD
Manga: $3
-Red River Vol. 1-6 on hold
-No Need for Tenchi Vol. 1
-Inuyasha Vol. 1
-Absolute Boyfriend Vol. 1-5 on hold
-Ranma 1/2 Vol 2
$3 each
$3 each
$3 each


~Azumanga Daioh Single Dvd discs (paid $26 each, selling the set for $20)
Each volume comes with a booklet explaining some of the jokes and gags of each episode.
No scratches, only viewed a few times
-Vol. 1 has episodes 1-5
-Vol. 2 has episodes 6-9
-Vol. 3 has episodes 10-14
$20 total
Inside booklet of Azumanga - $20 for all 3

~Inuyasha Season 1 DVD Box set - $25
-5 discs in total
-no scratches, only viewed the 1st disc once though the box has received slight damage during moving
-includes 27 episodes
Inuyasha box set inside, $25

~Azumanga Daioh DVD Box set - $25
-All 26 episodes
-no scratches, box has some damage from moving
$25 for each box set


Malice Mizer Bel Air single cd+vhs $15

2004 Arena Index with Gackt, Miyavi, Psycho le Cemu - $10

Air Moon, Gackt's Moon Project Document - $70

Malice Mizer Merveilles Photobook - $40

Gackt Crescent Photobook has some water damage, no card - $15 OBO
$15 OBO Crescent with some water damage and no card.Some of the water damage shown, $10

Gackt Oricon Photobook Vol 1 (I forget the exact name but there's 3 of them) - $35

Gackt Oricon Photobook Vol 2 - $35

Gackt Mizerable Photobook, not the one with the naked photoshoot - $45

(if there is supposed to be a poster with the mag, it is not included. Sorry)

Arena - $10 STILL AVAILABLE, BPass - $12 SOLD
The Arena mag has W-inds, Miyavi, T.M. Revolution, Orange Range, High and Mighty Color, a small article on Gackt, and more)
Arena - $10, Bpass NO poster - $12

Oricon - $6 SOLD, UV - $12 on hold
Oricon Style - $6, UV NO poster - $12

Gackt Kagen no Tsuki Tour Pamphlet - $35
$35 Kagen no Tsuki Tour  Pamphlet

Gackt Sixth Day Seventh Night Tour Pamphlet - $35
$35 SDSN Tour Pamphlet

Gackt Kagen no Tsuki/Jougen no Tsuki photobook - $45
$45 Kagen and Jougen no Tsuki Photobook
Back of the book. $45

I take paypal (no cc's), money order, checks, and concealed cash, at your own risk.
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