Chae (fuzzycthulhu) wrote in garagesalejapan,

FS: Kimono, Plush, Bento Boxes

For sale:

-Kimono Set
-Tare Panda Plush
-Mokona Plush
-Bento Boxes
-Cosplay Cat Ears

Kimono Set:


-Floral Print Kimono (Cotton)
-Pink Obi with Flower Motif (Silk)
-Chopsticks (Wooden with a smooth finish)

Kimono has only been worn twice since I bought it two years ago, and has been kept in dust-free storage ever since. I don't have the exact measurements, but I can tell you that it's rather long (I'm 5'4", and the kimono rest on my feet).

Price: $50

Bento Boxes:

-Blue Dragonfly (never been used) w/ Belt
-Mamegoma (hardly been used) w/ Belt (inside of box)

Prices: $9 (Blue Dragonfly), $22 (Mamegoma)

First Row: Mokona Plush, Cat Cosplay Ears
Second Row: Tare Panda Plush (size 3L)

-Cat Ears have never been worn since purchase.
-Mokona Plush has a slightly dusty bottom, but it otherwise clean.
-Tare Panda Plush is in perfect condition, and is authentic (3rd picture shows its tag

Prices: $13 (Cat Ears) RESERVED, $9 (Mokona Plush), $45 (Tare Panda Plush)


Concealed Cash (at your own risk. I ship when I get payment)
Credit Card via Paypal

I ship via USPS.

*I can haggle on the prices, but I would be grateful if you'd not try to lowball the prices.

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