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Need Money for School, and to clear some space in my room~

I'm selling my Dollpa 20 Kurumi. Shes full set, sept the 'lace' bracelet has broken and her wig has been damaged a little.

I've never taken her outside and kept her out of the sunlight as she just sits and looks pretty in my room.

I'd love to keep this girl, but I need the money for school.


Paypal only. I have a premier account so I'll be charging fees as well.

Payment should be made in a 24 hour period, unless Layaway is asked and we work out the dates of payment.

If payment (in the case of no layaway) is not paid in a 24 hour period, I will assume the buyer has backed out and will place the doll back up for sale.

Within the US is $25 with tracking, outside of the US, will be a little more. If I overcharge on shipping, I will refund the difference.

I have to rely on someone to drive me, so sometimes I can’t ship out the next day after receiving payment. I do try to ship out within a week after receiving payment though.

Layaway :
I am open to a Two Week ONLY layaway with NONREFUNDABLE Deposits and NONREFUNDABLE payments. Payments should be prompt and on time!

Example of a ‘three part’ payment plan:
$483.88 nonrefundable deposit to put the doll on hold
$483.88 nonrefundable first week payment
$483.88 nonrefundable second week payment

Holds :
I will only put the doll on Hold if a serious buyer has expressed wants of Layaway and will be sending the deposit soon (within a 24 hour period).

Trades :
Because I am in need of the money for School, I am not open for trades.

Pictures: Please refer to her thread over on DOA

Thank you!

~General Anime, Manga, Movie, Music, etc. Sales~

Payment: Paypal ONLY. I have a premier account so I'll be charging paypal fees.

shipping: I ship when I receive the money.

shipping is $6 in the US more outside of the US, if I over charge on shipping, I will refund you.

I have to rely on someone to drive me to the post office as I do not drive myself. I try to have a ride as soon as I can after receiving payment.

Holds: No holds

Trades: No trades

Dir en grey VHS music videos collection - $60usd

Gackt - Diabolos first edition CD - $25

Hot wheels - Shaman King - Ren and Basion - $5

Hot wheels - Shaman King - Yoh and Amidamaru - $5

Gundam Wing Comics - $15 for lot

Psycho le Cemu post cards - $5 for lot

Blue Seed box set - $10

Shadow Skill DVD - $6

Angel Sanctuary VHS - $1

X/1999 the Movie DVD - $6

Pokemon Comics - The Electric Tale of Pikachu - $15 for lot

Pokemon Comics - Electric Pikachu Boogaloo - $8 for lot

Pokemon Comics - Pikachu Shocks Back - $15 for lot

Mangaka America - $5

Prince of Tennis 1-4 - $2 each

Gravitation 1-4 - $2 each

Pokemon Pikachu Shocks back graphic novel - $6

Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star 1-2 - $2 each

Yu Yu Hakusho 1-3 - $2 each

Descendants of Darkness 1 - $2
Bleach 1 - $2

Petshop of Horrors 1-10 - $3 each

Getbackers 1-2 - $2 each

Fruits Basket 1-4 - $2 each

X/1999 1-2 - $2 each

Shaman King 1-3 - $2 each

DN Angel 1-2 - $2 each

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