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Selling Gundam merchandise, , JMagazines, Gackt books, & BJD head & eyes

The following are for sale: Gundam Wing art books, Gudam Seed figures. Code Geass Lulu Figma Figure, BJD Abio Angel Yi head, BJD eyes, Japanese Magazines, and Gackt Photobooks.


(Stock photo) Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Visual Book: (Rare) $20 + shipping- It has a lot of pictures of Gundam Figure Models. And a few pages of EW screen cap/arts. It also contains a small poster. Used/Mint Condition. Samples pages: Sample1 Sample2

(Stock phot) Gundam Wing Perfect File 2: (Rare/Out of Print?) $10 or B/O - Good Condition.


Bandai Gundam Sunrise Imagination Gashapon Part 2 NEW STILL IN WRAPPER (Heero Yuy is not included. I'm keeping that) - OFFER It's stated as about $60 shipped on ebay Price at ebay

Gundam Seed Athrun Zala figure

Gundam Seed Kira Yamato figure

Gundam Amuro Ray figure

Gundam Quattro Vageena figure

I don't have a pic of it taken yet, only those stock photos. But I can provide it, just ask They are still in the wrapper and unassembled.


Abio Angel Yi head with eyes only. $50 plus shipping I didn't do much with this head. He was supposed to be one of my OC. But I changed my mind. So he's been sitting in a closet ever since I got him. He hasn't been out at all. I am the second owner. He will probably match Luts NS. He will come with the deafult faceup. I can take it off if you want. There are some dents on his face, but it came with it when I got him. And it's not very noticeable. I gave him two ear holes. My first attempt on giving ear holes, so the hole is a bit big. He will come with the eyes shown. This would be a good practice head. If you want more pics, just ask.

Dollmore 14mm blue acrylic eyes with no case - OFFER It's this. Used a few times. Some cracks on the side, but it's not seen when put on the doll. Ask for pics if interested.

Cystal acrylic eyes 16mm Golden-Peach - Used a few times but in great condition. Stock Photo

Dollmore 14mm or 16mm(? Not sure) D Special Glass Eyes with no case - OFFER Stock photo New Only Tried on. No flash and Flash pic below


Magazines with Gackt as the cover (some with poster included) & Gackt Photo Book: OFFER I don't have pics of it right now. But if you are interested, just ask.

I also have a few poster art works by Chinese artists, HEISE. I'm not sure yet if I'm willing to let it go. But ask for pictures if you are interested. And make an offer.

If you want more pics of any of the above, just ask.

Comment here if you're interested. Thank you. I also accept trades so just ask.
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