Stephanie (ama_ningyo) wrote in garagesalejapan,

For Sale: Volks EB Beauty Dollfie, Jrock CD's and More

Hi, I am in desperate need of cash so I would love to find good home for these items c: please take a look! I do have a few rules

-I am shipping from california usa
-Items do not include shipping
-I take only paypal
-Priority goes to the person who can pay first
-I am not responsible for items once they leave my hands so if you would like to purchase insurance or tracking it will be added to your total
-Im willing to haggle if need be
-if you have any questions please email me at strawberripanda[at]gmail[dot]com

1. VOLKS EB beauty dollfie (B-Type) 50USD, she comes with hair and a dress she just lacks eyes and the part that keeps her head from not falling off

VOLKS EB Beautfy dollfie 70USD

Another angle of VOLKS EB

2. Red Orange Butterfly umbrella in good condition never used 20USD
Red Orange Umbrella Opened
Red Orange Umbrella 20USD

3. Nintendogs Dachshund and Friends-20USD
Nintendogs Dachshund and friends 20USD

4. X-Japan Art of Life CD w/booklet (the booklet is not pictured)-20USD
X Japan Art of Life Single-20 USD

Inside of the CD
Comes also with picture book, not shown here

4. Psycho Le Cemu Romain Hikou Single-20USD (it also comes with two stickers)
Psycho Le Cemu Roman Hikou Single-20USD

CD and sticker
Comes with sticker

5. Malice Mizer's Gekka no yasokyoku Single-20USD
Malice Mizer Single Gekka no Yasokyouku-10USD

Inside (the cd is small!)
disk size

6. Malice Mizer's Gardenia Single-20USD
Gardenia Single-$20

Gardenia inside

7. Malice Mizer's Merivelles Album-10USD (there is a crack on the bottom of the case but the CD is in good condition)
Malice Mizer's Merivelles CD-10USD due to small crack on corner


8. Larine's Imperial Concierto Album Signed by Kamijo himself at fanime 2006-50USD
Lareine's Imperial Concierto Signed by Kamijo himself-50USD

The autograph is shown here
Autograph + CD

8. Rozen Maiden Traumend Music Box-20USD In very good condition and plays the OP

Inside detail (the windup key is on the bottom of the box)

c: thank you and have a wonderful day

Tags: collectibles, dolls: general, music: jrock, traditional, video games
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