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First time sale: most my manga, 60 lots

Hi, I am selling off mostly all of my manga collection, which is about 63 lots (3 sold already) on Ebay, some buy it now, some finishing in 2, 3 and 4 days. All manga is in English, all in New or As NEW condition (read once the put away). Some of this manga is just out, a lot of sets that are rare, from Yen Press and Ice Kunion, Go!Comi and DrMaster some are sets that are out of print. There are many Yaoi lots (over 30 books) with Yaoi at $3-$4 average for DMP/June Yaoi, some books still sealed, 801 Media, DMP and Duex, Broccoli and other publishers. Also some out of print Yaoi including ‘After I win’ (selling for over 100?) and Paranoid Next Door Neighbor (new in wraps). I also am selling complete sets of series, as well as overlooked shojo and other manga from smaller presses. I have enjoyed having these manga and will likely buy some of them again when I have more money, but it is a good way to pick up some small lots for $5-$10 and try some new manga. I will try after Sakura-con to do a Japan merchandise and doujinshi sale as well, depending on how bad I get into debt at Sakura-con (haha). I hope you will take a look at the lots. I am not a dealer or regular seller my first sale in over a year, so I am hoping for the best.

Tricky Prince (sold)
Gunslinger Girl: 1-6 Complete
My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor (Yaoi)
Higurashi: When they Cry 1-2 Complete
Kyo Kara Maoh!: 1-2 Complete (yaoi)
Welcome to the NHK 1-4 (Otaku theme - cult, first book OOP and selling for $100)
Moon & Sandals: 1-2 (Yaoi)
Key to the Kingdom: 1-5 (complete)
Love Attack: 1-2 (Shojo from the author of Girl got Game
After I win (Yaoi)
Maniac Road & Pretty Maniac: 1-3 each, 6 vol complete (Original Otaku Series)
Eternal Alice Rondo: 1-4 Complete (Yuri/lesbian theme/shojo)
Never Give Up: 1-8 complete (Shojo)
V.B. Rose: 1-5 Complete (Shojo)
Crossroad: 1-7 Complete oop (Shojo)
Suppli: 1-3 Complete (shojo/Josei)
Neon Genesis Angelic Days: 1-6 Complete (Shojo)
Comic: 1-4 (Shojo on romance and writing manga)
Many Shojo Beat Lots
1001 Nights: 1-4 (Yaoi version of classic tale)
Sensitive Pornograph, Love & Alpha, Bondz and other 801 Media: NEW (yaoi)
Blue (Out of Print High school lesbian manga) with two other Yuri manga
Not So Bad: 1-2 (yaoi)
Kamisama Kazoku: 1-2 (New series about being the son of God and being in 'normal romance')

60 Lots of manga, some buy it now, over 200 english manga books. Please take a look.

Please click here to see my entry on the sale.

Or go directly to Ebay Link
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