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more things to sell

hello again
i've added a few more things to the list:
Angel Sanctuary vol 1-6 ($40 for all of them)
Tokyo Babylon vol 1-4 ($25 for all of them)
pet shop of horrors vol 7
i also realized that i have a manga by the same guy who does Blade of the Immortal. it's called Ohiikoshi (in japanese)
i still have this lovely CLAMP Southside artbook to sell too :)
ALL manga (unless noted otherwise) is $6 and is in English. once again, NO EXTRA FOR SHIPPING. i'm letting some stuff go up for name your price. i like paypal, but i cannot accept credit card payments. money orders and cash is fine too. if interested, please email me:


.hack//sign legend of the twilight vol 1

.hack//sign legend of the twilight vol 2

x/1999 vol 1

pita-ten vol 1

getbackers vol 1

di gi charat vol 1

di gi charat vol 2

aquarian age: juvenile orion vol 1

aquarian age: juvenile orion vol 2

megatokyo vol 1

megatokyo vol 2

naruto 1,2,3 ($20 for all three)

demon diary 1-7 ($45 for the whole set)

suki vol 1

paradise kiss 1-5 ($35 for the whole set)

hands off vol 1

FLCL vol 1
lament of the lamb vol 1
miyuki chan in wonderland
case closed vol 4
sailor moon #26 $4
xxx holic vol 1 (Japanese)
black cat vol 1 by Yabuki Kentaro (Japanese)
ohiikoshi (a complete work i believe) by Hiroaki Samura (Japanese)
massive, magazine of a collection of manga for an older male audience (Japanese)

Name your price:
Cosplay Girls                                                                                                                                                                                       2 malice mizer doujinshi scans here ( )
Anime: from Princess Mononoke by Susan J. Napier
The Anime Encyclopedia
thanks alot...x-posted

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